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A few days
to discover birds of the Der

30 et 31 October 2010
6 et 7 November 2010
13 et 14 November 2010

Other possible dates for organized groups


The " Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux " invite you to discover the lake and its surroundings.
Birdwatching with a specialist visits…



Meeting at 2:00 pm at the car park ; from there the guide of the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) will take you to the observatory, where you will see Cranes, Geese, Ducks, shorebirds and birds of prey.
At sunset, you will attend the return of the Cranes to their dormitory situated in the middle of the lake.
Then you will be taken to your tourist residence** and have supper.


At sunrise you will attend the Cranes leaving to their feeding areas, and have breakfast.
After this you will go for a tour during which you will watch landscapes and discover birds into new environments.
The dinner will take place in the restaurant of the residence. Then you will visit the museum of the Pays du Der and do observations at the lake.
5:00 pm: end of the visit.

Photo : Diane Castanet 
Photo : © Diane Castanet


Our prices : 168 €


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