Clara the Crane’s Journey

Hello Clara the Crane. You are a pretty young European crane.
Your mission, if you accept it, is to reach your wintering grounds!
At each stage, you will have several options and, to reach your destination as soon as possible, you must make the right choice.
Certain decisions could be fatal, others will make you lose time. Make the right choices and don’t lose your way.

Click here to start the adventure                  Click here to pick up a game where you left off

To return to a game that has already been started, you need to note down the secret code given during the last game.

Text by Christophe Hervé and Julien Soufflot, drawings by Julien Soufflot. The idea was developed by Francis Desjardins
Translation: Alison Duncan, with advice from Suzanne Kobine and Amélia Tarzi.
  Sponsored by the Regional department of the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (DIREN Champagne Ardenne)