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drapeau france

Saison 2023/2024


Informations : Claude Wetzel, Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Lorraine, Faune Lorraine

Date Nombre
13/01/2024 1 500
19/11/2023 8 à 10 000
5/11/2023 ~ 4 000
22/10/2023 700
16/10/2023 > 847
 13/10/2023  30

drapeau france

In order to ensure the long-term preservation of the Lachaussée ponds site, a remarkable natural and historical heritage, the Grand Est region has classified this territory as a Regional Nature Reserve (R.N.R.). With a total area of 607 ha, the R.N.R. de Lachaussée is the largest of the six reserves classified to date in Lorraine. Located at the eastern end of the Meuse department, and more particularly in the "Petite Woëvre" region, its perimeter is divided into the municipalities of Lachaussée and Vigneulles-Lès-Hattonchâtel. The entire site is located within the Lorraine Regional Natural Park.

Long known for its great biological interest, the site benefits from multiple statutes and inventories ensuring its protection. Its registration in 1991 under the RAMSAR convention is a strong example.

The Lachaussée pond and its network of peripheral ponds, filled in at the end of the 13th century, constitute the heart of this nature reserve. With more than 300ha of wetlands, they indeed offer a diversity of exceptional natural habitats which give them a major role in the conservation of many protected animal and plant species.

The site serves in particular as a dormitory for thousands of migrating Common Cranes.