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drapeau france

Saison 2020/2021

Saint Denis du Payré

Informations : Paul Trotignon, Katia Raimbault, Faune-Vendée

Date Nombre
25/01/2021 890
12/01/2021 870
05/01/2021 829
23/12/2020 635
14/12/2020 585
8/12/2020 656
23/11/2020 351
13/11/2020 666
4/11/2020 220
27/10/2020 338
15/10/2020 123
10/10/2020 17
 26/09/2020  15

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drapeau france

Created in 1976, the National Nature Reserve "Michel Brosselin", located in the heart of the Marais poitevin, protects 207 hectares of natural wet meadows. The alternation of "drops" (moist depressions) and "beautiful" (drier high parts) form a microrelief favourable to biodiversity and 272 species of birds have already been observed there.

The first known observation of Common Crane dates back to 1974 and since winter 2006-2007, a roosting place appeared on the nature reserve. Birds also use the other roosting place already known, the saline meadows in the Nature Reserve of the Bay of Aiguillon.

grugru 10 grue cendree konig

Once rare in Vendee, this species is now become a regular host, even if this department is located far away from its usual migration corridor. This is due to the exceptional crossing of cranes in the autumn 1982, during which several thousands of birds had been deported by violent winds from South-East, that the wintering is gradually set up in the sector.

The presence of large feeding areas of also (cultures of the polders and marsh meadows) and the necessary quietude for the roost, offered by the two natural reserves, allow the cranes to find there ideal wintering conditions. Currently, several hundreds of birds regularly make a halt in South-Vendee between November and March. This number, if it remains modest, is nonetheless a bit amazing for the french West-Central Atlantic.

For the peace of the cranes and the rest of the avifauna, access to the Nature Reserve of Saint-Denis-du-Payre is regulated and prohibited outside opening periods. Discovery events are nevertheless possible on reservation. Information on these animations on the website of the reserve.

Information : Katia RAIMBAULT (National Nature Reserve « Michel Brosselin »)
Translation: Sylvie Gendeau