bird derA practical Field Guide for Birdwatchers

The LPO-Champagne-Ardenne (local chapter of the national French Bird Protection League) has just published a new field guide to the birds of the Lac du Der area. The guide is available in French, English and Dutch.

Thanks to its practical size (A5-size) and contents (36 pages), the booklet is the perfect companion of birdwatchers in the field or the ideal tool to prepare a visit to the area. It was specifically designed as an easy-to-use booklet providing detailed information on the site and the birds to be observed, with a special emphasis on the 'flagship' species that made the lake famous (Common Crane, Great Egret, Purple Heron, Whistling Swan, White-tailed Sea Eagle...). The best observation sites are described in details and situated on a map on the central pages.

The guide also features a complete checklist of all the 273 bird species that were already spotted on or near the Lac du Der. This practical list enables the birdwatcher to easily identify the species present at any time of the year and to know their status in the area thanks to a reference grid.